Uncommon Service | WHAT TO EXPECT

Diamond Capital Management adheres to three principles for personalized
customer service. By following these principles, we provide unparalleled service
to each and every client. It's what you can expect with every interaction you have with our organization.

1. Full Account Team Access

Two individuals will service your account. A Client Services Representative will handle all of your requests. Plus, at any time, you may talk with your Portfolio Manager over the phone, or at your regularly scheduled meetings. At many firms, it is incredibly difficult if not impossible to access a Portfolio Manager. We believe however, that you have the right to personally know and interact with the
individual handling your investments.

2. Continual Availability

When you call our office, you can expect to be greeted by someone from our office. We don't use an off-site call center - so you'll always speak to someone in Indianapolis who will give you the personal attention you deserve.

3. Focus on People

We believe strongly in developing relationships with our clients. For that reason, all calls are answered in person - not by an automated phone system. If it's after hours, just leave a simple voicemail, and we'll call you back right away.

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