Investments | Our Strategy

At Diamond Capital ManagementSM, we follow a disciplined investment strategy using customized portfolios to maintain and grow your wealth. That strategy - focused on maximizing return and limiting risk - emphasizes diversification and the use of high-quality securities.

To achieve superior results for you, Diamond Capital Management utilizes a core intermediate fixed-income strategy coupled with a growth equity management style. Additionally, we believe that financial success is the natural by-product of applying sound, time-tested investment principles and processes.

Proper diversification
High-quality securities
Consistency over time
Investment policy
Asset allocation
Sector allocation
Security analysis
Portfolio construction

Crafting Your Portfolio

We understand that each individual or institution has a unique set of investment objectives that relate to risk tolerance, time horizon and a rate of return. We will assign a portfolio manager to specifically work with you to identify your investment objectives. Once your objectives are determined, we will begin crafting your portfolio, using selected strategies and analyses. Our hands-on style and daily monitoring have proven very successful in producing superior results.

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